The launching of this website comes at the best time to establish a network and open line of communication to assist as many people, communities and organizations as possible to get through this difficult time.

The mission of FHAGM is to reach the community as well as organizations who are impacted by housing issues and this includes everyone. Everyone needs shelter and the comfort of home.

In an effort to provide education and outreach on fair, accessible and affordable housing issues, we have a variety of partners and members who are subject matter experts in their respective fields and we sincerely appreciate their dedicated involvement in this organization. We have listed organizations which provide a wealth of knowledge in their area of expertise. If you are interested in contacting either of these organizations, please click on their link (if available on our Partners page) or send us an email (contact us).

We have partners, members and organizations who have the professional staff to address the comprehensive housing needs of every community throughout the country from multifamily housing to assistance with accessing loan products. There are also organizations on local, state and federal levels who can provide information on funding assistance to the communities of Memphis and Shelby County (i.e. HUD provides millions of dollars through grants to promote fair, accessible, affordable and decent housing to members of our community). There are also staff members who can speak on the different programs and projects which have been implemented to address housing needs.

We also have members and organizations (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Tennessee Human Rights Commission) who are involved in providing education and outreach on fair housing in connection to the Civil Rights Act of 1968, also known as the Fair Housing Act, as well as a 1988 Fair Housing Amendment which amongst other issues, addresses housing for individuals with disabilities and families with legal guardianship of children under the age of eighteen (18).

We have a number of banking/mortgage organizations who provide alternative means of banking and financing like HOPE/EDU who offer suggestions and assistance to members of the community on becoming financially secure and homeowners.

There is also the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which provides subject matter experts to share information on legislation and programs in place to address the housing crisis and to provide support getting through the storm.

There is Habitat for Humanity which provides decent housing for families not only in our metropolitan area, but throughout the country and we appreciate their continued dedicated efforts along with the NAACP who have continued to be a part of not only the Alliance but have worked on a state level to combat the economic ills which are plaguing our community.

Please take the time to continue reviewing our website on a periodic basis to keep up with the latest information and new partners and members who may be able to provide some education and outreach on housing issues which may concern you. I am sure that you will always find something of interest to you.