Larry J. Miller Representative District 88, Tennessee House

We hope you can feel our excitement about the launching of this website which would not have been possible if not for the support of a very special and dedicated individual, Larry Miller, State Representative of District 88 (Memphis, TN-Shelby County-in part).

The FHAGM has been sustained for years from personal and corporate contributions. In our effort to continue growing and reaching as many as possible, we understood the need to expand and the best avenue was through establishing a professional and user friendly website to provide as much useful information as we could. And though none of the members or partners are seeking special recognition for their heartfelt and sincere contributions, it’s still a good thing to pay homage to those who are most deserving.

Every year, the Alliance has presented conferences to reach the community and every year, we have requested contributions to if nothing else, cover our basic expenses. The Alliance’s mission is education and outreach, not a profit margin. To move forward however, additional funding was needed. A supporter of the Alliance provided information on available grants and an application was submitted.

We provided information on what our goals are and where our future is heading and Representative Miller heard the call of our desire to reach as many people as possible as he understands the history of fair housing and the need to remain abreast of the issues which impact each of us on a daily basis, especially as we address this housing crisis.

I wanted to provide a bit of information to familiarize you with Representative Miller who is a native Memphian and a fireman by profession as well as a graduate of LeMoyne-Owen College. Representative Miller is a member of the Tennessee House’s Finance, Ways and Means Committee, the Joint Veterans Affairs Committee and the House Rules Committee. He is active in several community organizations including the NAACP and the Black Pioneer Fire Fighters. He will always hold a special place with this Alliance and his dedication to our mission is truly appreciated.

We launch this website in dedication to you with deepest respect and sincerity.


In an effort to introduce you to the movers and shakers and loyal long term supporters of our local community efforts and the Fair Housing Alliance of Greater Memphis, we will occasionally have guest columnists or presenters to enlighten us on what is going on around the country which impacts us at home.

Clinton Vaughn

Mr. Clinton Vaughn, Community Affairs Officer (CAO) for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is our premier guest presenter. Mr. Vaughn will also be our guest presenter at our annual fall mini conference on November 19, 2008 at the main library from 9-12:30 and will be speaking on the future of the banking/mortgage industry and housing solutions as it relates to Memphis and the metropolitan statistical area. He will specifically speak on the HOPE Homeowners Act of 2008 and partnerships established with FDIC to address the housing crisis.

Mr. Vaughn possesses over seventeen (17) years in the Regulatory Banking industry including Compliance and Risk Management Examinations, Community Reinvestment Act Evaluations, Community and Economic Development, financial education and Fair Lending. His more personal involvement with the community includes promoting collaboration in the interest of fair and affordable housing and the establishment of business enterprises. He is married with two children and is also active in his church. Mr. Vaughn obtained his B.A. from Mississippi State University majoring in Finance and Transportation. Among his many awards are the FDIC’s Chairman’s Excellence Award and the Special Acts Award.